Dance Classes

We have developed a complete curriculum and syllabus for each class level at All About Dance, so no matter which teacher your dancer studies with, you can be assured that all students in each level are learning the same skills. This insures that as the students move through our program from year to year, they will all complete the same skills in the level in which they are enrolled and be ready to move on to the next class at the end of the dance year.

While skills are standard and technically correct, and our music is always fun and age appropriate, each of our teachers is given the creative freedom to teach and choreograph in their own style using the skills from our standard syllabus. The end result is an extremely fun program for the kids that maintains the integrity of the art form.

Minis 2016

MINI’s and KG:
3-4  &  5-6
years of age

Pre 3 Dance, Pre-K, and Kindergarten  

Juniors 2015 PETITE Level:  6-8
years of age
1st and 2nd graders
IMG_9930 JUNIOR Level:  9-10
years of age
3rd and 4th graders
Preteen 2016 PRETEEN Level:11-12
years of age
5th and 6th graders
IMG_9590 TEEN Level:  13-18
years of age
7th grade – High School 
Gracie T 2016

15-18 years of age

High School

 adult barre class

Adult Classes: 

18 years +